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The Conference

Will the conference be in English or German?

The official event language is English. Therefore the complete conference program, workshops and information will be in English.

Where can I find the menu to check whether the offered food suits my needs?

There will be a vegetarian and/or vegan option as well as a meat option. Likewise, should you have any particular allergies, please contact us so that we can provide you with detailed information about the menu.

Is the venue accessible to wheelchair users?

The ‘Alte Kongresshalle’ is fully accessible to wheelchair users: It’s possible to reach all areas without any barriers. However, we are aware that accessibility issues are diverse, and physical barriers don’t cover everything. Please find more information on this in the section Accessibility.

Where can I download the session material?

Some speakers will provide their material on speakerdeck or a similar platform. Additionally, you can stream the videos of all the talks on our YouTube channel.


Can I return my ticket?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do after a ticket has been bought due to financial and technical reasons. However, you can transfer the ticket to another person (see below).

I cannot be there. Can I transfer my ticket to another person?

Yes, you are free to give your ticket to another person. Therefore all you have to do is to change the name on the ticket: Click on the link to your personal ticket at ti.to (the service that handles ticketing for Cloud Native Kongress) and click the button “Re-Assign” at the top right. There you can enter a new ticket owner.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay for a ticket by wire transfer? (Payment information)

Yes, therefore please send us an e-mail to tickets@cloud-native-kongress.com with the number and type of tickets you want to order. We’ll get back to you with the invoice.

How does the company ticket work?

The company ticket is a one-person ticket. It’s for companies that want to support our effort to bring the global community together in Munich. Your invoice for the company ticket displays the value-added tax (MwSt./VAT).

Is there a group discount?

Absolutely! You’re eligible for a group discount if you register three or more people in a single order process. For groups of 3 or more there is a discount of 10 % on the regular ticket. Therefore you can find the group discount option on our ti.to tickets page.

Does the ticket price include travel costs?

No. All travel costs – including airfare, transportation and hotel accommodations – are the responsibility of the attendee. Therefore please organize them individually.

Sponsors & Partners of Cloud Native Kongress

Our amazing supporters help us to keep tickets affordable, to enable a great community experience and actively push diversity in tech. If you want to become a partner of Cloud Native Kongress, contact us: partner@cloud-native-kongress.com

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