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    Diversity scholarship – Welcome to the Future of Javascript!

    It is our main goal to have an inclusive event with a welcoming atmosphere, so that people can connect, hang out, make friends – and all of this while learning about JavaScript and seeing beyond their own noses. What is a diversity ticket These tickets are made available for you, if you are part of a […]

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    Presenting the JS Kongress program committee

    This year we had over 190 submissions from 42 countries! It was very challenging to pick the best 17 talks out of all these submissions (from all over the world). That means: we had to reject a lot of really good talks, but it also means that we were able to assemble a great program for […]

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    Rachel Nabors completes the JS Kongress 2017 Lineup

    Animation is key component of beautiful and useful product design. When designers and developers agree upon constraints, they can create UI components faster and present a unified, polished look and feel users appreciate. Those of you who are already engaged in the web animation community have probably met Rachel at one point or another. Those […]

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    Lin Clark joins this year’s line-up

    What better way to kick off the week than with another speaker announcement. We have the pleasure to introduce your next JS Kongress 2017 Keynote Speaker Lin Clark. Lin is also famous for her awesome cartoon illustrated articles on her code-cartoons.com blog and on hacks.mozilla.org, if you haven’t already make sure to give it a read. […]

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    Yep, Carmen Popoviciu will be joining us as your JS Kongress 2017 keynote speaker

    Joining us from the the Netherlands: Carmen Popoviciu I think giving talks is, or should be, ultimately, about helping and inspiring other people. If we as speakers can do that, then we probably did something right. Carmen is a frontend engineer and a big smiley. She likes writing code and solving challenging puzzles. She became fascinated […]

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    JS Kongress Keynote Speaker announcement: Ashley Williams joins the lineup

    We have a confession to make: last year, as the conference wraps and everyone starts trickling out of the JS Kongress venue, we’re already planning next year’s conference. This is a good thing, an exciting thing. But when the time comes to start thinking about your next JS Kongress Keynote Speakers, we get the night […]

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    Tips for submitting a talk to a conference

    The deadline for the call for contributions of JS Kongress is June 18 2018. So there is still time to submit something! This blog post gives tips. How to submit a talk There is still time! Note that it is not necessary to completely finish your talk before submitting it. It’s even useful to do that […]

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    Why you should try public speaking

    You may never have considered becoming a public speaker yourself, but there are important reasons for giving it a try: It is a skill that is often required in one’s professional life, especially in the ICT (information and communications technology) sector. Every time you explain something to a group of people, you are, in fact, […]

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    Sponsors & Partners of Cloud Native Kongress

    Our amazing supporters help us to keep tickets affordable, to enable a great community experience and actively push diversity in tech. If you want to become a partner of Cloud Native Kongress, contact us: partner@cloud-native-kongress.com

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